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Disease Modeling in Hop

Our plant pathology outreach efforts have focused on the development of value-added products for the hop industry. To develop our disease models, we work closely with the Washington State University Agricultural Weather Network (http://weather.wsu.edu). AgWeatherNet is a system of 136 weather stations distributed throughout Washington state but concentrated in the irrigated regions east of the Cascade Mountains. The weather data collected by these remote station are the raw materials that drive an extensive portfolio of crop, pest, and disease models.

Following are a series of "screen shots" from the hop disease forecasting models within AgWeatherNet.

AgWeatherNet PM regional summary

ABOVE: Regional summary of powdery mildew expected in hop on 8-29-11.

List of PM fungicides

ABOVE: A list of fungicides and related information.

Spray intervals

ABOVE: Growers can use charts like this to determine appropriate spray intervals based upon their own level of disease pressure.

Ag Alerts sign-on page

ABOVE: It's easy (and free) for growers and others to sign up for customized alerts.

Alert example

ABOVE: An example of a customized alert.




Plant Pathology subpage

This page is designed to provide additional information pursuant to the Plant Pathology component of the overall project discussed on the Washington State University website http://hopmintstress.wsu.edu.

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Poster on Disease Modeling

Poster describing the background and development of disease modeling in hop.

Poster on disease resistance

Poster discussing powdery mildrew resistance development through the life cycle of a hop plant.

AgAlertZ registration page

Users can register for customized alerts at http://www.agalertz.com/ using their choice of technologies

AgWeatherNet home page

Hop disease modeling is driven by AgWeatherNet data, see http://weather.wsu.edu/


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